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You Are Supermom

I hear "You are Supermom being able to handle homeschooling, house life, work FT, coach, and blah blah blah" a lot. I almost posted a photo today showing how nice(for all of 5 mins) how the girls we're (FINALLY) getting along, painting, smiling, laughing, and how blessed I am.

But then it hit me that would be just showing the highlights from the day so far...not whats actually happened. We seem to only share the highlights, which is good in one way because we all have that one(or more) annoying person that's a debbie downer in our newsfeed ALWAYS, nothing ever goes right for them. They talk about how great God is one day, then BAM something horrible hits them and its back to the other stuff for the next week. Done rambling...

Yesterday the girls all woke up with a nasty cough and snoting themselves constantly...seriously, even I'm cringing. They're ALL bickering with one another over anything and everything. I'm not perfect, in fact pretty sure I looked like the Beast here when I snapped not once, but 3x's today....THREE friggin times! Doesn't sound like much, but in the course of 4 is. Sadly it happens.

We're not perfect moms, NOT one of us has it all together, especially me lol. We're not Mary Poppins, we're real. So if you have a crappy mom day...try not to beat yourself up. I promise any of those moms that you think is amazing and has it all together, does NOT! Some days our kids will drive us to the brink of insanity....just waiting for mine to do that cute thing that brings me back ;)

Psalm 61:2 is coming to mind today.

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