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You Are Worth It

🙋🏻Fast food junkie 🙋🏻Pop Lover 🙋🏻No Energy 🙋🏻Considered Sleeping a hobby 🙋🏻Severe Anxiety 🙋🏻Emotional Eater 🙋🏻194 lbs

Does THAT sound like someone that likes to exercise or eat healthy?

Does that sound like a health and fitness coach?

Heck no! But you know what? It was ME!

I didn’t enjoy working out, I did after each of our kids and would of course lose some weight, but never the fat. Apparently the fat wanted to stay friends. Which made me depressed and hate my body. I cried, complained, ate….made a plan to restart and focus on fitness more. Just to be that hamster on a wheel losing the weight, but then gaining it back with more to come once I stopped exercising. I fought hard, and struggled to lose quite a bit, yet still look as though I was 6 months pregnant all these years later.

We had tried in the past going Paleo, loved the foods, but no changes.

How’s that possible?

We were eating healthy, not burning fat, but gaining!

All because we knew nothing about portion sizes…even to much of a good thing will add on fat*sigh*

I felt defeated, I had some bad back/spine issues that left me almost immobile, add in emotional eating and I gained 15 pounds within a few months which just spiraled everything.

After watching my OWN husband commit to working with his coaches committing to both his health and fitness for a few months. Achieving goals that we both thought were just a pipe dream. The fog had finally started to rise. He had been asking me to join him the entire time, but I finally said yes. I decided to commit, work on stopping the negative thinking, and throw myself in it for 1 month.

It wasn’t easy, it still took me a good 10 days to change my mindset and there are still bumps in the road.

I created this page to share my journey, who I am, my struggles, and because it keeps me accountable! What started out as an outlet for me to basically publicly post my struggles has turned into so much more. I have been blessed to help women each month take control of their health and fitness.

I share and post with YOU in hopes to motivate and inspire to show you that if I’m doing this…YOU can too!! Even if this only helps ONE person to make that choice, then I have accomplished my goal. If you’re reading this and relate, or feeling depressed, sad, or defeated. Please reach out to me here.

It’s not always easy or pretty. There will be setbacks at times. But we can reach those goals together.


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