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Time goes by so quickly doesn't it!?

Time goes by so quickly doesn't it!?

Whether we stop or keep moving forward... time will keep going.

Seeing gabs 1 month photo pop up for Cinco de mayo made me wanna take a comparison photo

So much has changed in a year. Gabriella has gone from itty bitty to full on DRIVEN girl who lets no one or thing stand in her way or hear her ROAR!!

I admire her fearlessness, her confidence!

One thing the enemy loves to do is create fear, because when we fear, we pretend issues doesn't exist, we allow it to LOCK us in a prison, paralyzing us. Fear is a virus, a cruel ruler, a tormentor.

When we do so, we stifle ourselves and God's power in usKeeping us from the good things God has planned for us.

Keeping us from our God given potential.

Keeping us from following God where he calls.

Fear is a LEARNED habit... so this mama is LEVELING UP for her girls!!

She may be little now, but she is mighty and will one day move mountains.

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