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6 Tips for Working Out at Home

When your a busy full-time working mama to three, working out at home is much easier and more convenient than scheduling time to go to the gym. No trying to get kids ready to go, no more drive time, a lot less headache. Not to mention, you can wear whatever the heck you want! You now have everything you need in one place - gym, shower, kitchen and other things you didn't even realize that were big advantages.

1. Choose the Right Shoe

Footwear is important. Working out barefoot is great to strengthen your feet, but if you overdo it, it’s easy to get injured, especially during ballistic workouts like INSANITY, or when you’re first getting into shape. Consider the movements you'll be doing before you go shopping. Running shoes are made for running forward, where as basketball and tennis are made for more explosive moves, making them better for home workouts. The best home workout shoe should do a little of both. There are also “fitness” shoes or cross-trainers designed for this purpose. Personally, when working out inside I go au natural, just because 1. We have new carpet and 2. I'm that annoying person that doesn't allow shoes in the house unless on the treadmill ;)

2. The Shower One of the best pieces of home workout equipment is your shower. Not only can you be clean and shiny within minutes of finishing your workout, you can use your shower to improve recovery. Getting blood to circulate more quickly is one of the keys to an efficient recovery from exercise, and hot/cold showers are a great way to do this. Alternate your water temperature from hot to cold during your shower. Make each temperature as extreme as you can stand it and try focusing the water on the targeted muscles of that day’s workout. A few cycles of this after each workout can do wonders.

3. Hydration & Nutrition

A great part of home training is that food and water are always available. There’s no reason to be dehydrated at home and after my workout I have my shakeology of post workout snack just a couple rooms away. Of course, this doesn’t always work as it should. Just be sure to not reach for the junk food, soda, or beer in the fridge if its there. In fact, do yourself a favor and throw it away. To offset this, make a habit of carrying your water bottle around at home. Repeated studies warn us that we’re chronically dehydrated. Keeping yourself hydrated will energize your workouts, enable you to push harder, keep your immune system running strong, and make you less apt to binge-eat and/or drink.

4. Space

I hear from many that they don't have enough "room" to work out. That means you will have to get creative, maybe move some furniture(it will burn an extra calorie or two), modify the workouts. The best part, you don't need that much space to complete a full body workout. The amount of space you will need, is roughly what your height is. That's it! If the weather is nice, take it outside and stream that workout on your phone, Ipad, laptop, or print it off! Shoot, I've done them in the bathroom or hallway when I needed to be close to the kids. You are in control. You can find the space, or the excuse.

5. Use the Buddy System

Find that friend(s), family, or group of people whom you like who also want to establish healthier habits. This is probably the most important part of it all. This is a great way to motivate and encourage one another, while giving yourself accountability to stay on track.

6. Equipment

We do own and have several home fitness equipment's that we use to use for years. Now? We rarely if ever use them. The things that we use now are dumbbells, yoga mat, resistance bands, stability ball, chin up bar, etc. Lifting weights doesn't mean you have to use dumbbells or barbells, sometimes you have to get creative because your budgets tight or you don't have the space to store them. Grab out those soup cans, bag of flour....small children. Give some piggy back rides while doing some lunges out in the yard, that will get those leg muscles burning.

So there you go, no gym? No problem! You can do anything you put your mind to, you just might have to get creative. If you're unsure which home fitness program would be perfect for you, that's where I come in! Contact me and I can help you get started.

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