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Transformation Tuesday

This one is a hard one for me even still. After child #2 I couldn't lose the baby weight and was defeated feeling. When she was 3, my husband started helping me workout and be my workout buddy we found we were pregnant again. We didn't know that we could still continue on with working out just modified. So we stopped because we thought it was better for mommy and baby. From there his hours increased and he was back to working 80 hour weeks. We just bought a foreclosed house that needed to be gutted, which ate up any free time he had. We had no family within the area, we were on our own. We had not gotten involved with a church because we didn't make God a priority at that point in our lives. So I turned to food. I told myself after baby I would get on track, eat right, and be healthy.

PPD set in, I continued to eat my emotions, it was an awful cycle. I ended up topping the scales at 194 pounds and a size 12/14. I hated myself, I felt disgusting, hated myself for allowing myself to get that far, and then I was upset that I was upset! Instead of changing I turned to food still! That time in my life was such a fog, and I hate that what I remember the most were the awful things. It took 6 months of small tiny changes and getting active to drop 20 of the 60+ pounds I gained. It's literally taken me 6 years since our last child to lose the weight. The photo in the middle I have been at for the last 2 years. I was 140-145(my body likes to fluctuate 5 pounds daily), size 8-10, I thought that was as good as it got. Until finally after a few months of hearing my husband ask me to just trust him for a few weeks. I figured I could commit to 3 weeks, what did I have to lose? That was when I had the biggest transformation I could've ever dreamed of. I didn't think I had weight to lose, yet within a month I dropped to 130 pounds and a size 6! Something I have never been before.

To look back and see how far I've come still blows even my mind. It was a slow process since I knew nothing about nutrition or how to design a workout that would give maximum results in little time. I use to work out for 45-60 minutes a night! Now? 30 minutes tops, because that's all the time I have. I achieved this without a diet, no counting calories, no restricting food groups, or depriving myself.

Need help, don't know where to start? Shoot me a message! I'm always here to help you.

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