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21 Day Fix Containers and How to Use Them

One of my favorite things about the day fix is that it's not just a workout program, it also combines nutrition to really seal the deal.

Why do you need a nutrition plan?

If you're on any type of weight loss journey as well as trying to improve your health and fitness you have to start with nutrition. Only 1% of people keep off the weight they lose for more than 1 year with just exercising alone. I don't know about you, but those odds sort of, well, stink. One thing I love about this program is how much they've simplified the nutrition. No more counting calories, fad dieting, or weighing food, just simple, great tasting-fulfilling foods.

Now let's talk containers....

There are 6 colors all corresponding to 6 different types of foods.

Green Container : Veggies

These foods can be cooked or raw. Some examples would be kale, spinach, broccoli, bell peppers, green leaf lettuce.

Purple Container : Fruits

Raspberries, blueberries, grapes, watermelon, etc. Smaller items will fit easily into the containers, but larger ones like watermelon and cantaloupe will need to be chopped into bite size pieces to fit into your containers.

Red Container : Protein

Fill this container with chicken, turkey breast, fish, lean meats, eggs, greek yogurt, etc. Don't worry, there is a long list of foods to use, so you will have many options.

Yellow Container : Carbs

This container is for your good carbs(yes your body still needs these - YAY!) such as rice, whole grain pasta, whole grain crackers and cereal, and oatmeal. For the foods that don't fit such as tortillas or bread, check your 21 Day Fix guidebook to determine portion size.

Blue Container : Healthy Fats

Here's the container you would use for nuts, cheese, or hummus.

Orange Container :

This is the smallest container, and will be used for calorie-dense foods such as salad dressings, seeds, coconut, and olives.

Teaspoons : Oils and Butters

A teaspoon is not provided, so you will need to use your own. It's used for things like nut butters, seed butters, EVOO, and items like that.

The containers are meant to be full, but not so full that you can't put on the lid! A proper portion size is the container full but with the lid on.

How do you use the containers?

Now that you know what goes in the containers, let's go over how to properly use them.

First things first, go to page 4 of your guidebook to figure out how many calories you are allowed each day. These calculations are based on those doing the 21 Day Fix workout, so if you're doing another BB program, good news, they have a calorie planner for that specific workout as well using the 21 Day Fix containers.

After you've figured out your calorie target, go to page 19 to figure out how much of each containers you should eat each day for your calorie range. The great thing, is you will no longer be counting those calories, only the containers! Making things more simplified and reducing the stress.

You can mix and match foods of the same container. Say you're making a salad for lunch, you can fill half of the green container with lettuce, and the other half with tomato to equal one green container. Easy Peasy!

Why the 21 Day Fix Containers Work?

No more counting calories ever again! Instead you just count the containers you have each day. If you need help keeping track, feel free to use this FREE printable 21 Day Fix Sheets!

You're not going to be starving! No one likes that hungry feeling, in fact, most(myself included) can't believe how much food your eating. If you are feeling full and unable to eat all your containers every day, just make sure to eat a little from all of the containers, and not just your favorites.

Portion Control and Calories Simplified! Moderation all comes down to portion control being aware of what you are eating. The containers help to achieve this.

Need an extra set of 21 Day Fix portion control containers? Click here

Wanting some extra support and/or have help really simplifying life more? You should check out our Fit Sister Community! It's all based around on what YOU need help with! Message me today to see if you would be a fit for our community of fellow sisters. Click here.

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