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Transitioning to a Happier Life

It's really been hitting me the last few weeks as I've been transitioning away from working so much how blessed I am. I got so caught up in trying to make my business successful(and it was) that those that mattered most were getting the short end of the stick. I was obsessed with growing bigger and last year at this time we thought v was going to retire within a month because business was booming steady for almost 2 years. Then like a switched was flipped it started going down. Ads were doing awful, Google made big changes, suppliers I had good relationships with went to crap. I was working every waking moment just to try and make 1/2 what I was use to making. My husband kept telling me it was just business cycles, come Fall, then the holidays it wasn't. The stress of marketing, running ads, keeping fan pages engaging, learning more than basic SEO, hiring outside companies to help with advertising to 'save' what it once was, talk with customers, or help them create their vision was just overwhelming. In order to keep up it was my family that has to wait. I was burnt out for months and in an awful anxiety depression, dropped 15 pounds in a few weeks from not eating and was a big mess. Then I had issues with my lower and upper back to top it off(compressed disc, twisting in a couple spots) I felt like I failed, I went from breaking records reaching my goal of 6 figures by 30 to have the rug pulled out from underneath me. When Vince started down the coaching path I told him a 100's no. I don't need anything else on my plate, I would be supportive and do what I can, but I have nothing left to give because I'm over here trying to plug a sinking a ship. Finally by some way of brilliance he got me not only working out but completely changing our eating to clean whole foods and I started getting the results I dreamed of. He posted my photos(with permission - he enjoys breathing)and I was shocked at the response and personal messages from friends, family, EVEN STRANGERS either congratulating or wanting to make that change themselves. It was right around that time when it hit me why things the last year were going the way they were, that God has bigger and better plans for me. It still amazes me how when we just trust in him how he will provide! All that fear, time, and stress I wasted trying to save something that wasn't meant to be, because we can be stubborn and think we know better. I've finally 'let go' of what was holding me back from enjoying life this past year. He still likes to test my faith typically on a daily basis, but he's always come through and I selfishly can't believe how MUCH happier I am now!! I get to help people reach their health and fitness goals they've only dreamed about or sew because I WANT to! Even better is I get to be home and actually present with all my kids instead of rushing through things so I can get to orders. Yes, I'm that crazy person that LOVES to be around her kids 24/7. Now I just get to do it feeling FREE and happy!

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