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Glutes and Hams Circuit

Looking to get started in working out and not sure where to start? Here’s a lower body circuit that I do as an extra little something to target my trouble areas – my glutes and hams! Do each move for 8-10 reps – repeat 2x’s. Don’t forget to warm up and cool down! -Deadlifts -Lunges(each leg) -Straight-leg Deadlift -Goblet Squat -Plank – 1 minute or as long as you can! Last Summer I started having back pain that was getting more intense daily. Since it was a slow change, I didn’t really put much thought into it, I figured I just needed to add in more stretching, yoga, and cut back on the weights. Days turned into weeks, weeks into months with no change other than the pain getting worse. Yes, a normal person would have just gone to the doctor, but I’m stubborn and have this phobia about being touched by doctors. I have a pretty good pain tolerance, but that was just the beginning, next to start going were my ability to turn my back, even my neck. At that point I was a mess, cooking, cleaning, and being a mom to 3, by midafternoon I was in tears. Lack of exercise/poor nutrition brought on the weight. Then I had to take that lovely steroid that makes you retain fluid. Gaining 15 pounds in 3 days is quite painful, I felt like an oompa loompa, which put me at 30 pounds heavier in just a few months. Judging by the issues I had during the last pregnancy, I’m guessing it started around then. When I finally did go, I learned the base of my spine was pretty well compressed, along with 2 areas where the spine was slightly twisting and my neck was curved opposite of what it should be. Talk about a mess. By the Holidays I was finally getting strong enough to start strengthening my body more than just the basic stretches the doctor gave me. Which was when my husband really jumped both feet into coaching. So come mid-January I was roped into being his project. Now, I’m not the easiest person to deal with lol I might KNOW I need to do somethings like say eat healthy, but I’m an emotional eater. When I’m sad, depressed, having a bad day, hurt, or even happy, I want to eat. I always want to eat, not sugary stuff, I want FOOD! You can just imagine the fun he had with me, crying bc I was hurting, couldn’t shake the weight from that drug still, bc I wanted that burger, but then bc I ate it. It took a while to get my mental state aligned with what we were doing. Finally, 8 months later thanks to his hard work and support I’m able to be back to where I was before! I still have to be careful and modify many of the moves, there are some that my back warns me, if you do that, you will pay. But everyday I’m getting stronger, and though it felt like a lifetime, I’m finally past the worst of it!

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