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The secret to battling anxiety? The secret to not coping but OVERCOMING it?

For years I searched for something to repair my brokenness. Plagued by anxiety after our 2nd babe I opted for medication. Hit harder after #3, they increased dosage to highest amount possible to NUMB + popping xanax like it was candy. To broken to practice coping skills. When my body became immune I prayed harder for him to heal me, he HAS the ability too, but he didn't, I became bitter towards him - which affected my relationships.

He led those into my life to help me take the physical steps towards healing - I was stubborn - "I'm too busy raising kids, homeschooling, + working". Yet always had time to scroll fb and Netflix.

The secret to battling anxiety? The secret to not coping but OVERCOMING it?

It wasn't until understanding how powerful the connection between my thoughts, my physical habits, and my relationship with God. Without a healing focus to mind, body, spirit - I would never recover.

When I finally grasped this truth, I began focusing on my mind, body, spirit. By doing so I began to experience for the first time in my life the miraculous power of prayer, how nourishing properly / fitness supported my mission, and the empowerment that comes from taking my negative thoughts captive.

Learning this led me to freedom! Freedom from that bondage of being tormented from anxiety.

FF to 3 yrs later + 11 months PP, anxiety, depression, wonky hormones, chronic pain, arthritis - some days anxiety creeps in, those lies of hopelessness still rear their ugly head. I DO still take a small dose of meds to assist. #StillAGoodMom

Though she's #4, this is my first with life long physical health battles. Many days I'm emotionally drained at how my body can't do SIMPLE things like sitting down like a regular person, walking for 30+ mins w/o pain, being able to bend over to pick up what was dropped, telling kids no I can't play sports with them bc you're in pain. The mind love’s to tear you apart over it, telling lies of what a burden you are.

I couldn't stay the path on my own, I'm too weak. I can not stay the path on just prayer. Nor can I just WILL myself to stay the course. Romans 12 isn't just a story Sister - it applies to all aspects of life. If we could shift our mindset on our own we wouldn’t need books, therapist, support, or any other tools. If we could get to goals on our own we wouldn’t need programs and guidance. We fail when we go at it alone. #LearnFromMyMistakes

This PP journey has been the best yet most challenging, I never imagined how much having that support while preggo + BF could have such an impact learning how to overcome the anxiety beast again.

With God, support of many like meeee + simple plans, its helping me thrive and overcome the temporary anxiety flare ups thanks to wonky hormones. Sister, I hope you know I'm always here for you. If you're ready to overcome it for once and for all, I hope you reach ou

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