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Quick and Easy Soup

Do you need to spend HOURS in the kitchen to get to goals?? NO! 👉🏻Dinner prep done in 15mins Today was a BUSY, not sure if going to be home in time kinda day... It would be EASY to say “too busy & stressed, let’s pick up”... but that mentality doesn’t exactly get me where I TRULY WANT to BE! ✨TIP✨ When planning for 6 meals in a week, I move them around depending on time/things happening, plus double recipes for LEFTOVERS! ⬇️⬇️Tonight’s easy peasy dinner? I don't know what it is, we just made it up😂🤣 ⁣ Soup: •1-1.5lb beef {or meat of choice}⁣ •A million cups of frozen veggies {used 2-bags kroger frozen Italian veggies}⁣ •1-2 sweet potatoes •2 cans tomatoes⁣ •1 can 🍅 sauce ⁣ •Italian seasoning {I pour quite a bit, stir, pour until reaching flavor desired}⁣ •Salt, Pepper, Garlic - pinch of each •1-2 cups water depending on amount of veggies used. ⁣ Brown meat, drain off fat, throw all together!! 👉🏻crockpot {low 6-8 hrs} 👉🏻insta pot {soup 30min setting}⁣ ✨Save to Pinterest or share to Facebook to save recipe✨

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