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Cajun Chicken Bowls

Meal prep is a survival tactic in this house with a BABY coming and crazy busy schedule... while also on bed rest!

👉🏻It doesn’t need to be fancy, elaborate, & time consuming! #helloBUSYmomhere

My husbands fav saying to annoy me?(Okay, not to annoy me...but help me keep perspective)....

“If you want it- you’ll find a way. If not- you’ll find an EXCUSE.“

👉🏻Yes it does take some planning and effort...but its HELLA WORTH IT!!!

All of this can be made in the oven...but I threw the chicken in my instant pot bc I didn’t wanna chop it up raw (I have a phobia with raw meats).

🌟Season broccoli and sweet potatoes with salt/pepper...dab of EVOO. 🌟Spread out on a cookie sheet. 🌟Bake for 15 mins at 425… 🌟 Remove broccoli(and cut up chicken if baking) cook sweet potatoes for 10 more mins. 🌟Meanwhile, once all is in the oven, throw chicken in IP, 1/2 cup chicken broth..I used Cajun seasoning, set it on manual for 8-10 mins 🌟Shred chicken 🌟 Portion out for what YOU need - red, yellow, green!

💥BAM💥Super simple lunch complete!🤗

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