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Beachbody’s Military Discount Program

Beachbody’s Military Discount Progra

If you are active duty military or an active duty service member spouse (who is not already a Beachbody Coach), you can get your enrollment fee ($39.95) waived as well as your monthly business fee. The 25% discount a military coach receives is the same that any other coach benefits from, but the difference is not having to pay the monthly business service fee that is required of for other coaches. 

You will have to complete your enrollment and confirm your eligibility for the waiver. Here are the steps:

  1. CLICK HERE to enroll through the Team Beachbody Coach website. With this new Beachbody Military Coach enrollment, you will pay the $39.95 signup fee.

  2. After you get signed up, provide your military status information by providing one of these to Coach Relations:

    • Copy of current active duty orders

    • Copy of LES or BIR. Note: Team Beachbody cannot accept a copy of your military ID for Military Coach waiver.

  3. Send the documents via email or fax: or (213) 201-7225. Be sure to use the Beachbody Military coach waiver fax cover sheet or include your Coach ID number (given to you when you enroll.) CLICK HERE to download the Coach Military waiver fax cover sheet.

Your Military Coach enrollment fee of $39.95 will be refunded after Coach Relations confirms that you are eligible for the military waiver. Also, if you purchased a Challenge Pack during the enrollment process, the coach fee is waived. In addition, monthly business service fee will be waived for the duration of your active duty status.

***A coach who is participating in the military program must accumulate 50 personal points in their account every 90 days. Basically, the account cannot remain dormant for 90 plus days or the $15.95 fee would apply. A heads-up email would be sent prior to this happening to make you aware and take action.

If you have further questions, please click here to contact me.

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