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What's in your food?

Despite overwhelming proof these ingredients are toxic to our system and overall health, they are still allowed by our regulators.

This is why it’s important we as consumers dig into things and research.

Our health and our family’s depend on it.

1. Glyphosate - Used on many of our crops + linked to cancer. Did you know, there have been many lawsuits won against Monsanto due to cancer diagnoses after exposure. This chemical can’t be washed away, it becomes part of the crop

2. Vegetable oil - The go to oil for fried foods, especially in restaurants which is linked to heart disease.

3. Sodium nitrates - Found in most processed meats and linked to cancer.

4. Parabens - Preservative found in many hair and makeup products that can disrupt chemicals in the endocrine system.

5. High fructose corn syrup - This little devil is found in many things like cereals, baked goods, condiments, etc. Puts stress on liver, raise cholesterol, linked to diabetes, cancer, and can cause leaky gut

6. Red #40, Blue #1, Yellow #5, and #6 Food dye. Found in many food products, dangerous to our children, round to be contaminated with benzidine or other carcinogens. Linked hypersensitivity reactions {we have 2 dye sensitive kiddos} and cancer.

7. Aspartame. Artificial sweetener linked to cancer, brain tumors, and cardiovascular disease.

We’ve found it's easier to avoid and/or severely limit these types of products when digging into what it actually does to the system vs blinding following "hmm, I've heard it's not good for me, but... #nerdatheart

If you're living how we used to, eating the Western American average diet, except when you’re “restricting/depriving”, it's important to remember when making changes, start slowly! Even small changes will go a LONG way.

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