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We don't need to grow

We tend to make most of our decisions based on our fears rather than 👉🏻faith. Or we chart moves based on pride, believing we're enough in ourselves we don't need to risk. 👉🏻We don't need to grow 👉🏻We don't need help 👉🏻We don't need anything 👉🏻We are enough These are lies that were believed even during Jesus's day. 👉🏻He continually nudges us out of our comfort zone into those risky waters of freedom, healing, abundance, fullness. When Peter was urged to take his faith UP a level and step outta the boat, he doubted and started to sink, but Jesus held him up! If there's one thing you take away from this... 👉🏻WE will NEVER kill our fears, despite the amount of time we spend trying too. We're called to walk on water DESPITE our fears. He's calling us outta that boat to do the unthinkable... something that is ONLY possible with HIS power. When we take a risk, we're placing our lives into his hands, testing his "enoughness". To experience that JOY and freedom we MUST put past the confines of our comfort. "What if... I told you in order to experience his "enoughness"... you must willingly take risks for his glory?"🤯 That last sentence has been one I've been pondering for a few weeks now.

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