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✨LOW FAT vs REGULAR✨ I often get asked "Should I eat the low-fat version, as opposed to the regular product?" Here's my take👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 The fat in a product (we're usually talking dairy here) can contribute to weight gain since it's usually a saturated fat. Trouble is, that's what gives the product it's yummy flavor! When they take the fat out, the product tastes bland so they add in either salt, sugar, or artificial flavor to make it taste good again. All three of those (salt, sugar and artificial flavor) are not good for weight loss. The chronic obesity problem took off when 'low-fat' products were introduced into our supermarkets, due to the high levels of sugar (even salad dressings + savory sauces contain sugar). Fat is filling, and so the non-fat high-sugar alternative is not so filling, and leaves you needing more food. Sugar is high in calories, and should be more feared than fat. If you go low-fat, check what they've replaced the fat with - compare the ingredient label to the regular product and decide what you'd rather be eating. Me - Personally I'd rather eat something full-fat that's 👉🏻natural, rather than eat a low-fat product full of garbage. But it's your choice! 😉

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