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Skinny Jeans Support & Accountability Challenge

When you pulled out the Fall clothes... did you find they were a bit more snug than you'd like them to be? I know that disheartening feeling of pulling them up, just to feel as though those two sides won't meet again. I can honestly tell you that I did enjoy my treats this Summer, and don't regret a single one, but I don't want to make it a habit.

Does that sound like you too? If your jeans are too tights, you're feeling uncomfortable, or finding yourself reaching for those oversized sweaters to hide the muffin top.... then it's time Sister for us to do something before the holiday season arrives! It's time for us to say goodbye to that extra spare tire trying to take up residence and ROCK ANY OUTFIT we choose this upcoming Fall and Holiday season!

I am ready to dial it in and there's no better way than to be surrounded by a group of strong, empowering women who support and encourage one another! I want each of us to feel STRONG and CONFIDENT and not feeling as though we need to hide or "cover up" that muffin top.

As a mom of 4, one of which is a baby, and a business owner that puts in hours daily, and still tries to make health her health and wellness a priority, I know how easy it is to put oneself on the backburner. There are days I'm dragging just to press play. But I always feel better when I'm done Sister, and SO WILL YOU!!

I find that having that extra accountability from those just like me, struggling to make time, yet getting it done, it gives me that accountability to press play even more!! I know I don't want to be that one that doesn't show up!! I also want to teach our girls how to be healthy and lead by example. When they see me making healthy choices... so do they!

So we're going to focus on simplicity, confidence, positivity, and changing our life from the INSIDE OUT! The words we speak to ourselves are so incredibly powerful, so mindset work will be my main focus as we work