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A Grateful Heart is A Magnet for Miracles

Exactly 2 years ago today I made a choice... a BIG HARD choice! Gabby: "How you doin face" (think Joey from friends😂) While I've been challenged on this choice, its the best, most life changing one I could've, Despite my neck issues not staying corrected, causing headaches when turning from side to side. My pelvis shifting back into place, causing a rush of pain I havent experienced in months. The arthritis of the spine being triggered many days... The post partum anxiety that likes to hit randomly🤪 I know that with consistency and support I'll get back to my new normal of managed chronic DAILY pain. Im thankful... I'm thankful that I have the community of sisters to help me through this, to encourage me, to support me. To no longer be alone on this journey. To those I can go to and have real life answers from so many!! Seeing their journey inspires me to do better, to BE better! TO LIVE OUT MY GOD GIVEN POTENTIAL! I’m NOT an outgoing open person. I’m severely introverted, pessimistic, typically too afraid to share because *gasp* what if someone judges me or thinks differently of me.

Its hard to be happy and have joy in your life if your pessimistic lol. Tho I tried to comfort myself with lie that I was a realist. So I decided at 32 it was time to get over it. What if there were others like me? How would I know if I didn’t’ take the risk? I choose happiness, we all know those people that we swear it comes naturally too, that wake up as Mary Poppins, and life is all 🌈 and 🦄 poop. I have one of those girlfriends, its not that it comes naturally to them. They just ➡️CHOOSE⬅️ happiness…that was something to ponder. I still thought she was a bit crazy and that it wasn’t possible, but I went for it. What did I have to lose? First day, I woke up choosing happiness…the kids were bickering, broke something, needless to say I failed😳 The entire first few weeks went like this, but dang it I was determined to stay the course bc life is to short NOT to be happy! Its amazing how our mind/spirit work, if we stick with it, stay consistent, never give up, something amazing happens, you reach what you’ve been working towards!! Life will never be easy, there will always be trials, but I CHOOSE to find the joy, no matter how small, in each day =) I have a happy healthy family, I am healthy, my anxiety tho a bit harder right now, is amazing compared to my other 3 kids and in a tiny dose of my final!! Asthma controlled the ENTIRE pregnancy, no meds needed!! I have people in my life who inspire and motivate me daily in all areas of my life. Plus I still have sanity after homeschooling, and being preggo 😜 The past month I've had the privilege to welcome over a dozen sisters to our group... help them begin their journey. Join them daily if they choose. We never know what life will bring us, for me, choosing happiness has been life changing! Which will you choose? Who will help you encourage you when life is testing HARD? There's always room for you Sister, I'm just a message away... click here if YOU are ready to make that leap of taking care of you and learning how to turn it into a business too!

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