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The Easy Road Is Always Under Construction

Stop hating yourself for everything you are not, and start loving yourself for who you ALREADY are! Are you guilty of this? I know I have. I lacked self confidence, insecure, shy, social anxiety, unworthy, that I wasn't a good wife or mom. I blamed others for my stress, anxiety, and funk instead of myself. I needed to take control. To STOP thinking blaming others for where I was in life. That putting my - physical, emotional, and spiritual health first was not selfish. To learn to love myself despite my many flaws and failures, because thats what makes me ME! I needed to do it for my family. As moms we have a tendency to put ourselves last. We need to put ourselves first so that we're able to give our husband and kids the BEST part of us! When we're happy, we begin to enjoy life, and all those chaotic moments happening.

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