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Give Every Day the Chance

We decided today to dip our feet back into school slowly, everything planned out and ready to go! Things didn’t start off to great start, there was whining from 2 out of 3, complaining over how much to do, 1 who could not focus, which lead to mommy meltdowns…..and this was just the first day 😜Things weren’t looking to hot. Instead of trying to push through I stepped away to check my attitude. If I’m cranky and falling apart, it’s not going to be long before they follow suit and the day is wasted. Then hiding in the bedroom with the cookies-n-crème dip stealing the kid’s teddy grahams. Seriously….that stuff is crack. Just to make sure my mood stayed in the right direction, I may have sent EVERYONE to nap to workout in P&Q for 30 mins after snack…On the bright side, things have turned around and their moods are better too =) What do you do when your kids are cranky?

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