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A Grateful Heart Is A Magnet for Miracles

There is nothing more satisfying then being able to finally wear that skirt that didn’t fit for years. Not only zip it up, but to be comfortable wearing it. Talk about a great way to start a Monday! A year ago I didn’t think any of this was possible, and coaching was certainly NOT in the cards. Its amazing how much things have changed.

In exactly one year from today, I am down over 20 pounds, my back is better, my neck is corrected, no more suffering with daily headaches, severe back pain, we’re healthy, our kids are healthy(and WAYYYY to much energy), energy levels are SO much better than last year. There are still some weeks that are struggles, where we deviate and add in extra crap that shouldn’t be there. We’re not perfect; we do make mistakes and bring back those awful symptoms. But now know WHAT to do to correct it and get where we need to go. We have an AMAZING group of like minded people surrounding us, and everyone motivates, supports, and inspires each other to be better. This year was a big year of changes; I’m NOT an outgoing open person. I’m severely introverted, pessimistic, usually too afraid to post on my personal page, because *gasp* what if someone judges me or thinks differently of me. Its hard to be happy and have joy in your life if your pessimistic lol. So this Winter/Spring I decided to get over it, which is no easy feat after 30 yrs ;) What if there were others like me? How would I know if I didn’t’ take the risk? This year I decided to choose happiness, we all know those people that we swear it comes naturally too, that wake up as Mary Poppins, and life is all rainbows and unicorn poop. I have one of those girlfriends, its not that it comes naturally to them. They just CHOOSE happiness…that was something to ponder. I still thought she was a bit crazy and that it wasn’t possible, but I went for it. What did I have to lose? First day, I woke up choosing happiness…the kids were bickering, broke something, needless to say I failed. The entire first few weeks went like this, but dang it I was determined to stay the course bc life is to short NOT to be happy! Its amazing how our mind/spirit work, if we stick with it, stay consistent, never give up, something amazing happens, you reach what you’ve been working towards!! Life will never be easy, there will always be trials, but I CHOOSE to find the joy, no matter how small, in each day =) I have a happy healthy family, I am healthy, my anxiety is under control, asthma controlled, I have people in my life who inspire and motivate me daily in all areas of my life. Plus I still have sanity after homeschooling 3 kids this year 😜. This past week I’ve had the joy of welcoming 4 more people to our group, as well as help another start her journey and business! We never know what life will bring us, for me, choosing happiness has been life changing!


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