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No Such Thing As Perfection

Happy Fri-YAY!! Its been HOT here and one thing I struggle with? That bathing suit. So here it is, I refuse to let my judgement over my body stop me from making memories. I will not let that turn me into the sidelines mom. My body's not perfect, but there's also NO such thing as perfection. Here's something's to keep in mind when you're struggling... 90% of women have cellulite & stretch marks. The other 10% have something else they are self-conscious about. Every woman is far more concerned about her own imperfections than yours. Your kids won't remember your muffin top, your cellulite or those stretch marks but they will remember YOU. You don't look like you did in high school but honestly, would you really want to go back there? Those tiger stripes may not be pretty but you EARNED every last one. NOBODY looks like the models in the swimsuit magazines. Not even the models in the swimsuit magazines. You have far better things to do than worry about how you look in swimsuit. Get over it. So get out there and ENJOY your Summer!! Make those memories with the family and get in those photos!! YOU are beautiful mama's!

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