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Months of Hard Work Paying Off

It has taken months of hard work, but I'm finally starting to see those curves I haven't seen in 10+ years! The biggest thing that has helped me, even more than nutrition, fitness, Shakeology, and support? Sharing! Before this I hated posting or sharing what I was doing. I'm a pretty big introvert, as in the thought of sharing and posting makes me nauseous. Talking to people whether online or in person I avoid at all cost. BUT I wasn't getting that accountability, so after a few days, week, 2 tops I would stop bc I didn't have anyone to hold me to it outside of my husband. It's a bad habit I'm guilty of, but sometimes its easier than we realize ignoring the support from our family. Yes I wanted change to be able to keep up with my husband whose into sports, as well as set a great example for my girls. I needed more of a push. What better way than to share your journey? Nothing like putting it all out there so all your friends and family to see, nothing says game on more than that. Now you've put yourself in a position where you defiantly don't want to fail bc *gasp* what if you fail 😱 Here's the thing, failure is not reaching your goals. Failure is when you decide to give up, not push yourself, to quit trying. If your tired of starting over, stop quitting! You don't go from 194 to 135 by being a failure. You get there by being determined, accountability, support, and a complete kick ass plan. Sorry for the language, but it's true. If your ready for a change, PM me asap! Tomorrow's the LAST day to get $20 off the ultimate life changing challenge! There are days I don't want to workout or days I want to eat like crap, despite knowing how I will feel. But that accountability, and support from some serious amazing gfs and challengers help. Does that mean I deprive myself? NO! Just everything in moderation. If you think I'm giving up chocolate your crazy 😜

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